RAMPAGE Daily Driven Link Kit - 07+ Tundra Crewmax Spec

Introducing the RAMPAGE daily driven link kit for the 07+ Tundra Crew Max chassis - Boasting an impressive 21" of strapped travel utilizing a lo profile weld it yourself bed cage with CNC bent wheel well covers. This kit is designed as a VERY fabricator freindly package and should be installed by a shop or individual with proficient fabrication skills.

    • Includes

      • Trailing arms
      • Parallel link
      • Panhard bar
      • CAD designed mounts for all frame & axle pivot points
      • FK Rod Ends & Uniballs
      • Grade 8 Hardware Throughout
    • Add Ons

      • Weld it Yourself Bedcage - Laser cut, notched and bent tubing that works with our CAD designed sheet metal wheel well covers. These covers offer shock access panels available in either aluminum mesh or solid stel panels.
      • Bumpstop Mounts - These bumpstop mounts are designed around 2.0 x 2" stroke King bumpstops and have both a frame mount with integraded bumpstop cans and an axle mounted strike pad. These mounts also include an integrated limit strap tab to run a set of doubled up 21" limit straps.
      • Currie SwayBar - This RAMPAGE kit uses a 50" wide Currie Enterprises Antirock swaybar with our integrated frame mounts and custom bent steel swaybar arms.
    • Important Notes

      • 21" of strapped travel is recommended - Due to the nature of a panhard bar, the lateral swing will cause the drivers side tire to stuff into the frame if the kit is allowed to extende further
      • Driveshaft Modifications MIGHT be necessary when running this package
      • TOWING: Towing a light trailer can be done, but excess body roll with the trailing arm setup can occur that could make towing dangerous, so do so at your own risk. 
      • Factory Axle: The factory axle can be retained for this kit and has been used as the basis for the included mounts - Custom housings may require modification to the supplied mounts
      • Coilovers/Bypasses - We designed this kit to utilize a 14" 2.5 King Coilover & 16" 3.0 King Bypasses with our low profile bedcage - Any shocks can be used but custom mounting will be required. Note: The lower link pivots use a 5/8" bolt and 1.5" misalignments, and our bedcage uses 1/2" x 1.5" misalignments.
    • Requires

      • Proficient fabrication skills - While this kit is not difficult to install, it does require a varied skill set to install correctly. We recommend that an installation be performed ONLY by a shop or individual who feels comfortable performing the installation. 
      • Custom Brake Lines: We recommend moving the factory hard lines to the passenger frame rail and install new hard lines and small soft lines down the top of the panhard bar as pictured above. Please contact our sales team for more information about the brake line routing.
      • Welding - Obviously, but we have to put this because someone will ask...
      • Custom Exhaust: The parallel link and parallel link frame mount will be in the way of most aftermarket exhaust systems. We recommend either the Dirty Deeds Industries bolt on exhaust or a custom configuration from your local muffler shop.
    Add Weld It Yourself Bed Cage & Wheel Well Covers
    Add Bump Stop Mounts, Strike Pads, Limit Straps
    Add LSK Spec Currie AntiRock Sway bar and mounts
    Add 14" King 2.5 Coilovers
    Add 16" King 3.0 Bypasses

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